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Board of ASSAD


The International Association of Aero-Engine Manufacturers (Russian acronym: ASSAD) is a voluntary union of developers and manufacturers of high-tech, science-based products the bulk of which comprises engines for aircraft, helicopters, rocketry and space vehicles, river-going and sea-going ships, gas turbine power stations, gas pumping stations, equipment and accessories for engines, as well as a wide range of mass consumption goods..

The association was formed on the initiative of 58 organisations in February 1991 and was registered on 31st May 1991 (certificate No. 003.076 issued by the Moscow Registration Chamber). At present the ASSAD membership comprises more than 100 companies with a different type of activities and property status from Russia, the Ukraine, Belorussia, the USA, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and Canada.

The Association has concentrated within its ranks a high scientific potential – 8 scientific research institutes, 5 higher education institutions. The enterprises–members of the Association perform work on aero engines and other types of engines during their entire life cycle. These are design bureaux, series manufacture enterprises, repair factories which are engaged in the development, manufacture and after-sales servicing of aero engines and their accessories. Among the members of the association there are also enterprises from the allied industry branches – machine tool manufacture, metallurgy, manufacture of instruments, etc.

The Association maintains co-operation with institutions of state power at different levels, including the institutions of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, the Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos), the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Ukraine, the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC, a CIS body), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and others/

ASSAD’s main lines of activity comprise:
– preserving and developing the high scientific and technical potential of the aero-engine manufacturing;

– making general conclusions on the scientific, technical, economical and social problems arising in the course of activity of enterprises, and submitting proposals for their solution to state administration institutions;
–analysing on a systematic basis the reliability of aero engines in operation jointly with scientific research institutes and evolving recommendations for maintaining this reliability;
– coordinating the use of aero-engine manufacturing achievements in other branches;
– developing and reinforcing mutually advantageous cooperative links between the companies of Russia, CIS and other countries;
– organising and conducting International Aero-Engine Manufacturing Forums and Scientific and Technical Aero-Engine Manufacturing Congresses;
- organising joint stands at international aerospace shows;
- providing assistance to educational institutions in perfecting the training of highly qualified specialists;
– popularising the historical experience of aero-engine manufacturing;
– assisting the interested companies in establishing contacts with the ASSAD member-enterprises.